Kamis, 04 Juli 2013

Always a fashion designer

Seems that all these days the truck designer skip are. And why not? The fashion industry is sexy - parades, parties, celebrities, recognition and fame even go along with a career in fashion.

Do here lies the question now: go to design school or directly to a business? Not all fashion designers go the traditional route of the school of design, drawing instead on entrepreneurship, some "designer" turn your head for business in a flourishing business of fashion.

Ralph Lauren is an example of a fashion designer bypassed sewing machine and directly facing the market. Which path to take, depends on your personal motivation. If you are sewing and pattern of love, is the traditional way, to bring greater satisfaction. Read the world of fashion, if you love but not the patience to thread and needle, a career in the fast-paced and exciting way biz is still possible.

Do so like the first thing your own go to?

She has always admired, fashion designers and their ability to fashion design, unique and portable fashion a season to another, as if by magic. But it is not magic. It's a business. And to be successful in the business, no one is an island (i.e., everyone needs a little help to fulfill their dreams). And it is not the glitz and glamour. As fashion designer means that you need a company to make a reality.

Before you print these cards, questions that sleeves and tackle are, when you're ready, less aspects of fashion fun.

First one way could seriously to fulfill orders (E.g. packing boxes in the wee hours of the morning), garment steam press during the fashion shows and accounting. Low percentage could be designed only one actually spend their time. On the other hand, negotiations with suppliers and vendors, lectures and networking are.

If you're going to go the direct route to the consumer, you need to create a Web site and maintain (and probably someone leads, these challenges have), process transactions from credit card and cycles again get a merchant to manage account. If you do not learn what these things are interests averages, decides to learn how to work the ropes for a large fashion house.

But it has the force and enough friends with expertise or services, those who trade, you could go on their own and successfully. Today, the age of entrepreneurship, why they should get a piece of the pie is not?

The business of fashion: the reality

Exciting industries are full of some competition, which will disappear and others that will give you a run for your money. You have to compete against the biggest names out there and even fashion and designers, the frescoes of the best schools of design or fashion of large houses, not all celebrities, with veterans jump your own labels to mention.

Running, which organized its own fashion-biz, reach requires suppliers and potential customers throughout the world brand, so they are best. Is you ready, the acquisition of raw materials such as fabric, trim and hardware, so its manufacturer, to coordinate what they need at the right time to deliver a product finished in time?

Imagine yourself as a businessman first and a second fashion designer. If your fashion, you aren't the one who suffers. Always keep the aspect of business at the forefront of his mind. Some people find this intoxicating perspective, while others do not think anything more frightening. They are interested in starting your own fashion business?

I'm not a designer, I still work in the fashion industry?

... Yes and no. If you have the vision of design, you people take your idea and turn it into a tangible pattern or design to pay. This is a little like what creative director. If this better fits their situation, then companies had chops to start up your business and better that a proposed value of solid core.

What this means is that you have a strong business offering a product that the valuable and in demand and supply. That does not mean that you have to sell high-end Couture clothes for rich people. Clothier H & M and Zara focuses on quick ready-to-wear fashion at affordable price points.