Senin, 01 Juli 2013

Designer - the gods of the fashion industry

Fashion designers, help the billions of items of clothing, shoes and accessories, each year from consumers who bought to create. Fashion clothing designers create designs for the manufacturer or wholesaler of mass market. Fashion designers are the people who create elegant, whimsical, funny, silly and often expensive clothes we see parading, landing two times in the year. Fashion designers design and create clothing and accessories for men, women and children. Some Haute Couture designers are self-employed and design for private individuals. Other Haute Couture designers offer Haute Couture stores or specialty stores.


Fashion design is the applied art dedicated to the design of clothing and lifestyle accessories created within the cultural and social influences of a specific point in time. Fashion designers have provoked a storm in this world of glamour with its commendable fabulous variety. The fashion industry has always new talent, who welcomed the emerging stars of tomorrow. While all elements are studied by the clothing of a span of academics as costume design, costumes just might be seen after 1858 as fashion design created.

Before the former Draper set up his Maison couture (fashion house) in Paris, clothing design and creation is run by largely anonymous seamstresses, and came out Haute Couture, in the Royal courts listed. In the century, almost all of Haute Couture in Paris and a minor dates as London. At this moment in the history of fashion, the division between Haute Couture and prêt-à-no sharply defined.

Designers know that they have this power and continue using that influence to global fashion eras. These designers create original garments, as well as those who follow established fashion trends. The most fashion designers, however, work for garment manufacturers, create fashion designs for men, women and children for the mass market. Designer brands, where "name" as their brand such as Calvin Klein or Ralph may by a team of individual designers under the direction of Director Lauren Designer are designed. Thus began the tradition of the designs of designer clothing sketch instead of clothes finished models for customers as a business.

Popular Western styles were adopted around the world, and many designers outside the West had a profound impact on fashion. Currently has seen Hussein modern fashion a reference to technologies such as designers introduced the textile industrialists Chalayan and Miuccia Prada and modern technology in their fall collections. Designer set mass market trends in general the use of the famous names in fashion. Many modern high-end designers are increasingly now beginning to the mass market retailers, to produce cheaper goods and expand its customer base. Perhaps most importantly, use the designer of your imagination to come up with new ideas.

There are a number of well-known worldwide fashion design schools. The fashion design courses lasts for three years. It includes some courses in addition to the education of students about the artistic and technical side of the theme year working a taste of commercial fashion industry of fashion design students. Others offer the opportunity to visit foreign fashion houses.