Selasa, 02 Juli 2013

Famous fashion designers

Fashion designers use instinct and know how everything from uniforms of hospital that create eye-popping flamboyant outfits worn by rock stars and models. Fashion designer jobs have to be growing slower than the average for all occupations through 2014, according to government economists. A study on the work of several other designers draws as fashion during the decade that changed.


Fashion design is also a labor of love that long hours and superstar - little chance, but for many it is the work itself is the reward. Fashion designers are in fact, some of the most versatile and creative people you will ever meet. Men's fashion in the 19th and 20th centuries were conservative and boring compared to women. The fashion industry is an important part of our economy. Here is a short list: Gabrielle creates women's fashion Chanel "Coco" Chanel (1883-1971), which provides the feeling of luxury available and combines styles of clothes of traditional woman, fabrics and garments used by men. Its released fashion revolution for women their femininity with elegance and grace.

The film of Hollywood "The Devil Wears Prada" with Meryl Streep, brought much attention in the fashion world. Learn more about Prada Versace Gianni Versace (1946-1997) was interested in working in the shop of his mother small fashionable dress. 1978 Became Deputy of fashionable women and men design. For more information for Giorgio Armani Jean-Paul Gaultier (1952-) is a French fashion designer, who never received formal education in design. 1967 He bought the Polo label and launched a fashion Empire that includes clothing lines for men and women.


The high prices that have pockets under the command of the Fendi fashion created a large market for counterfeit goods from Asia Commons, than the FF invested eerily similar logos. In 1985 took part in a parade of fashion with "New talents" and in the following year, their first show of the ready-to-wear collection presented independent women. You have to go with a bag over his head, that fashion is not everywhere. To succeed, often ruinose - and often verschuldeten - skirts and they cannot hide the world of fashion, designer behind your model.

The most fashion designers, however, work for garment manufacturers, create fashion designs for men, women and children for the mass market. Employment growth will slow but for fashion designers, by falls in clothing manufacturing, designers in competition strong areas for you most want to make available.

Means that most of the women had a seamstress that dresses according to the latest fashion. Instead of catering to wealthy clients, strictly coveted fashion designers create product lines now perfume to averages, which can reach consumers at any price. "Have recognized the mid-level consumers and low, that may be as good a fashionable address with clothes priced disposable, which you can use once and throw away - or if it falls apart, who cares."