Sabtu, 06 Juli 2013

Fashion - back to the future

More comfortable to wear what are you? Knowledge where you feel most comfortable wearing fashion did? The world of fashion and design is convincing with intrigue and excitement sees people as those who belong to those who like to show different trends in fashion. Fashion, all everyone came back from the latest design, the road started in the presence of the 19th century. With this knowledge, give the idea of real personality, it should show in their fashions, as well as those, a brand of the world mod is made most of the men and women, you have always dreamed.

They are long overdue, although men also provided by many Designer integrates with the same sense of fashion. Women tend to be the focus in fashion design. Design in the early years of the mod is the name that all began in Charles Frederick Worth (1826-1895). Its success began vintage fashion, even before the start of the Maison Couture in Paris. Value was more than a tailor; It was the first man who ever had dictated what their customers need to carry! Do could you imagine how great a performance, the dictator of the fashion at that time should be?

Do you can follow up to this point the trend fashion on paper among designers of drawing, image, the fall of the fabric, as well as shape and pattern, design the design assumes you have, who would have thought that this practice goes a way long back? Many fashion houses presented services of painters and artists make the presentation of design for clients as if it were a form to make, develop to the publications of magazines.

The fashion world turned to French fashion at the beginning of the 1900, this was the time of the shape of the glass of time for women, which began in vintage fashion, appearing; the corset, which was lead some women to the present demonstration of the very famous S-curve silhouette. You can imagine how women have already been so useless at his waist. The weak lines came after 1908, back left the bulky petty coats under the clothes. The process of folding and dye came to knock down on clothes, until the first world war women learned to work and were in these times of practical where they were for comfort women and not wear fashion.

Skirts were introduced in 1915 at the ankle, until it became shorter until the middle of the calf. Vintage fashion began with short skirts along with the introduction of cars. Many changes happen trucks, cars; train long coat, layer above the knees; Bonds even began their clothing of skirts for men's fashion, shakes to women. A chestnut has not taken long skirts to be frequented as many designs that were introduced in the market very quickly fashion. Some of the style of hair and fashion of the time eventually changed and came from some very famous designers of the current design this era of vintage clothing as Jean Patou and Coco Chanel, as well as many others.

The sudden change in women fashion wine back in the 1940's, many vintage fashion houses closed. After the war, new fashion came with a completely new look, designers of the first years as Chanel do not like the new look, was the final of the women, according to the fashion of Paris.

The early 1960s was the retro fashion slowly introduction; Simplicity achieved extreme fasting to delete the glamorous fashion style from 1900 up to the expression of the root of the garment with set music and lifestyle; Punk and Glam rock are examples.

What you have still reflections of the past worlds fashion that came. You can find inspiration in the art of fashion in retro fashion of the sixties in the 1980's. Cut the scarves, even skirts and pants are all different patches of the world of fashion past. Views are back and there is always a kind and wise, than in his own personal style to emulate. It's really a world of fashion out there!